Italian & Chinese Business Club Fashion Night!

Dear Stylist,

I was honoured to attend a fashion event held by Italian & Chinese Business Club yesterday in Shorditch,  an artistic district in east London.

It was a great evening as I learnt some history about fashion industry collaboration between Italy and China, marketing approaches to enter Chinese market, as well as a few tips from insiders for young designers.

Anyway, I will only share with you the key points here and several pictures. Enjoy

  • Massimo Casagrande, a BA course leader from Istituto Marangoni London, told us that PRADA was the first Italian brand to use Chinese models and designed collections especially for Chinese customers.


  • Carlotta Actis Barone, a former designer graduated from Central Saint Martin, mentioned that young designers can choose Fast Fashion brands to do internships.


  • Xiwen Ren, the co-founder of Red Digital China, pointed out that the best way to enter Chinese market is marketing via WeChat, a Chinese version of Whatsapp+Facebook. Emotional content related to customers’ lives will be a bonus.


  • Lan Fang, the founder of London Mandarin Arts Online Space said Chinese customers are willing to pay for premium events based on his previous experiences. Brands need to focus on attracting quality customers by providing high-quality paid services.


There were also four Italian brands showed their designs. Have a look!

Love you girls

Lady Stylist


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