3D Print Clothes — A look to the future

Hello stylists,

I know you must feel the same as me,

Feel sucks when

having a wanted piece in mind, but don’t know where to get it,

longing  to change the style, but don’t know how to get the unique look.

Several days before, I came cross a TED talk on YouTube talking about the 3D printing clothes.

I immediately got fascinated about it, and I want to share my feelings with you.


The lady was literally wearing a print dress when gave the speech! The dress looks nice, delicate and fit. More importantly, she printed it the day before giving the speech. That’s cool! I think all I want to do is thumbing up for the lady and say,“Well done, you absolutely beat the clothes delivery companies in speed.” LOL..

I was also attracted by the easiness of making clothes. When one is printing the clothes, all she/he needs is a printer, and self made or downloaded PDF for the clothes. Using the 3D printing technology, people do not need to spend hours in shopping malls finding desired pieces. Instead, they can print the exact size clothes when enjoy a cup of coffee at home. Brilliant Huh?

Actually, fashion designers have worked on it for a while. And there are many printed clothes sold in Google Shopping, though mostly T-shirt. These clothes have bright colours and the average prices are lower than fast fashion companies like H&M , Zara and Bershka etc. I am wondering whether there will be a day, when Fast Fashion be replaced by Print Fashion. LOL..

print clothes.png

Though many see potentials in printing clothes, problems such as finding suitable printing materials still  challenged clothes designers. After all, nobody wants to be embarrassed if her printing dress is broken in public!

Well, somewhere deep in my heart still want to wear printed clothes in the future!

I hope my dream will come true soon~:)


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