Ultimate Guide to match Pink Outfit

Hello there,

It’s been a long time since we last talk,

I have to apologize to you first as I was fully occupied with my work.

You will forgive me, won’t you?

Christmas is around the corner,

And London has already been surrounded with the festive atmosphere.

Have a look at the picture I took.

It’s beautiful right?


Well, I have to say I am obsessed with all types of colours.

Especially Pink.

I saw Pink everywhere in the city,

People dressing pink, store decorated with pink,

Pink is everywhere.

So why not we discover its potential ways of dressing together?

 Pink + Blue

Pink and blue are complementary colours

This match gives people an energetic look.

Several ways to match two colours.

  1. Pink jumper + blue jeans = cosy & casual look


No matter it’s a girl’s day or a family gathering,

a pink jumper with blue bottom will give a relaxing and welcoming look.

  1. Rosy lace dress + blue fur coat = elegant & romantic

look3Pink rose is a symbol of forever love,

The pink therefore has a sense of romantic similar to red,

But not as fervent as red,

Dressing in pink dress can give people the feeling of being girls.

  1. Pink Shirt + blue coat = professional & modern


Sick of all black?  Why not try something new!

A shirt in blue will make you look different,

adding more vividness to the working places without reducing the professional look!

Boom! Try them on!

Pink + Black

I have to admit that Pink and Black is absolutely my favourite match!

One will never look wrong when matching these two together.

  1. Pink dress + black = punk & rebel


One day I feel so sick of my work,

And I put on my black leather jacket and long pink dress,

plus a wedge and a smoky eyes,

Get ready for a party night and rock the world!

  1. Pink lace dress + black mesh sox = sexy & wild


wanna give him a surprise?

a pink or black lace dress and mesh sox will do

Enjoy your wild night!

Pink + White

  1. Pink knitwear + white jeans = cosy & clean


Have an afternoon tea in the comfortable knitwear and white jeans!

This look will bright the day.

2. Pink cardigan + white maxi = Bohemian & beach


Going to the beach?

Change to a white lace maxi is a smart choice,

and the pink cardigan looks more feminine!


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