How to choose woolen clothes?

Hello there,

Nice to meet you again. The city is getting colder and I have to put on my coat. NOOOOOOOO!!!

Personally, I am not a big fan of winter because I don’t like wearing thick coat. Fortunately, I have some woolen clothes. they are lightweight and comfortable, definitely my favourite in winter!

As a fan of woolen products, I used to be confused when looking at clothing labels. What do they mean by Merino, Alpaca, Mohair, Angora, Cashmere, and Camel Hair ?Later I did extensive research about it, and I’m glad to break down different types of wools, so you can keep smart when choosing your own woolen clothes.

  • Merino — Lightweight & Breathable 


Here is our adorable friends Merino, I met them during my trip to New Zealand two years ago. They are super friendly and ADORABLE!

Merino wool have many advantages! It dissipates heat during summer and insulates cold in the winter. The wool is so breathable that Merino can enjoy eating the glass under 35 ºC . Whereas, the wool also insulates the cold in the winter, sometimes -20 ºC, and keep Merinos’ temperatures.

Basically, Merino is lightweight, breathable and most important, can keep you warm!

  • Alpaca — Hypoallergenic & Water repellent


You can tell the difference between Merino and Alpaca, can’t you? I reckon Alpaca looks cuter than Merino! 😉

This friend has some advantages Merino wool doesn’t have. Alpaca wool doesn’t contain lanolin, which means people who wear it will have less allergic reactions. It is highly recommended to people who has a sensitive skin.

Besides, Alpaca fabric is naturally water-repellent, a nice choice to wear in a rainy. Besides, its hard to ignite feature means kids will be safe wearing it to watch a Christmas bonfire!

  • Mohair — Lustrous & Elastic


Hello, my curly hair friend! She’s stylish! The Mohair is the fur from Angora Goat and is notable for the high luster and sheen. People even give them a nickname “Diamond Fiber”!

Normally, Mohair is used as a fiber blend. Its elastic and shining prosperity makes the product looks luxurious. But, yes, the price may be expensive. A fine Mohair and Alpaca coat will cost around £200 !!!!

  • Cashmere — Ultrasoft & Popular


Cashmere comes from the hair of the Kashmir goat. This fabric is soft and comfortable to wear inside your coat!

Cashmere is also one of the widely used fine wool to make clothes. Check out your woolen products, I guess you will find Cashmere there!

  • Camel Hair — Keep in Shape! 


Yes, the picture above is the screenshot of the web when I search Camel Hair in Google. Undoubtedly, this type of wool is normally used to make coat!

Different from other types of wool, Camel Hair is coarse and inflexible. Clothes made by it will form a better shape than other wools, and in the meanwhile, keeps the wearer warm!



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