Stay Stylish, Stay Rational– Something you need to know about Fashion Industry

Hello there,

I know it’s hard for one to stay in stylish when they are not keeping up with the trend. But seriously, we should start to think about how much we spend on our clothes, and does it really necessary for us to pay much for the Fast Fashion.

Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends. Some well-known brands are H&M, Zara, Primark and Topshop. These brands always provide the recently designed clothes in a relatively low prices. Some designs are similar to big brands, further making fast fashion brands one of the favourite shopping places for young females.

However, there are some facts we should be aware of when purchasing those clothes. On top of it is the overall quality of clothes. I had some words to say about it. I went to the Primark flagship store in London, an Irish clothing retailer selling clothes at the cost below average prices. And I felt amazed by its large store and low price. I did some purchases but was disappointed by its poor quality after dressing those clothes. One T-shirt I bought was only wore by me for once and it literally fell apart. That makes me think whether it’s worthwhile for me to buy it though it is really cheap.  Maybe invest in some fine quality clothes at a reasonable price is a wiser decision.

Second, is the safety of wearing those clothes. There are investigations indicate that the fast fashion companies used toxic chemical materials to make clothes.Besides, less water was given to wash off  those chemicals, making clothes unsafe to wear. Some clothing plants in China hired  cheap workers for the production, one worker revealed in Shaofeidu investigation that the price of one pair of jeans was controlled under 40 CNY (equals to 4 BRP).

After the consideration of both quality and safety of fast fashion clothes,  I think I will reduce my shopping time to those stores. And I hope you can also be rational when purchasing those clothes.


Lady Stylist



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