How to choose the hair brush? — An important lesson learnt from Londoner!

Hello there,

Today is Black Friday!  Ready for shopping? I am ready! I have already got a shopping list. And on top of the list is a hair brush!!!

Honestly, I didn’t realize the importance of hair styling until I arrived London. People here care a lot about their hair styles. Seriously, their hair look like super star.

Strong Hair — Synthetic Bristle Brush

Synthetic bristle brush is perfect for thick strong hair. Unlike natural bristle brush which creates more statics, synthetic bristle brush is stiff and help with detangling. The UK popular Tangle Teezer belongs to this type.

Extra shining — Natural Bristle Brush

Natural bristle brush, like boar brush will help spreading the hair oil, adding an extra shining to the hair.

Blow Dry — Vented Brush

The vented brush let more wind blow into hair when doing blow dry, making it faster to get the dry hair.

More volume — Radial Brush

Radial brush can give the hair the round shape when doing the blow dry, therefore forming an extra volume shape to the hair.




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