You need to look Healthy to look stylish–Easy ways to tell your overall health from your face

Hello there,

I know many people love cosmetics. Those magic products cover flaws in our faces, making us looks fabulous! But attention please,  it may also cover the healthy alerts from our bodies. So let’s do it today! Instead of putting more makeup on, how about remove all those products and look seriously on your face?

Easy Steps to tell your health condition from face!



  1. Related to: Liver
  2. Situation: Pay attention to your health if you find yourself having breakout frequently. It might be a result of too much toxic accumulating in your liver!
  3. Tips: Reduce the intake of sugar, and sleep early.
  4. Diet: Eat more carrot, garlic and grapes。


Eye Area

  1. Related to: B2 and B5 Intake
  2. Situation: If you get the dry skin around eye area, it means you are lacking of Vitamin B2 and B5.
  3. Tips & Diet: Eat more beans, nuts, vegetables, banana and seaweed.


Below Eye

  1. Related to Kidney
  2. Situation: There is a direct relation between kidney and pouch. If you get a dark circle or puffiness, it means your kidney doesn’t work well.
  3. Tips: Sleep early.
  4. Diet: Avoid the intake of Coffee and Tea; eat more vegetables and fruits.



  1. Related to Blood Circulation
  2. Situation: blackhead and flaky at two wings of the nose.
  3. Tips: Massage the nose area to help with blood circulation.
  4. Diet: Eat more vegetables and fruits which are rich in B2 and B5.



  1. Related to metabolism
  2. Situation one: The breakout on two sides of cheeks always indicates an irregular diet.
  3. Tips:Avoid overeating.
  4. Diet:Eat more apple.
  5. Situation two: puffiness of the face
  6. Tips: Avoid smoking.


The Lower Jaw

  1. Related to ovary and hormonal imbalance
  2. Situation: Acne in this area is often resulted from hormonal imbalance or stress.
  3. Tips: Go out to exercise and entertain yourself to reducing the stress.
  4. Diet: Drink more water




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