STYLIST Level 1 — Why we buy it?

Dear Stylists,

I can’t wait telling you what I saw the other day.

I was having a dinner with my friend in a popular steakhouse. Food was delicious and services were great.

A lovely couple who just walked in caught my eyes. They were holding each other’s hand, smiling and talking.

“Such a wonderful evening!” I thought. However, this tranquil didn’t last long.

Arguing burst out in the next couple of minutes, with woman’s cries and man’s explanations.

Soon the lady left, rushing out of the restaurant and disappearing in the darkness.

When I was astonished by how fast things happened, a waitress walked to me and explained, “We are sorry for what happened, because that lady is a vegetarian.”


Well, I reckon this may be one of the dramatic breakup I have ever seen. But gladly I did learn two things from it:

First, as you can tell, the best way to ruin a relationship is taking your vegetarian date to a steakhouse…Sorry the blogger is laughing right now… LOL

Second, things suitable is more important than things on-trend. Maybe the man chose the steakhouse out of good intentions. But the lady was a vegetarian, so he should have known a small vegetarian friendly deli was a better choice than the hit steakhouse.


I have a question for you now. We know that lady was fully aware of her eating habit, but how about you?

  • Do you know your fashion consuming habit?    


What is fashion consuming habit? You may ask. Well, here are some examples:

A sport lover spends more on sportswear than other clothes, while a blue-collar work consumes more suits and ties;

A woman with slim legs may prefer wearing tight jeans, while another who has a pear shape body may avoid it;

A student with low-income goes for inexpensive clothes, while a well-paid entrepreneur shops luxury products.

In a word, what, where, when and how people shop are fashion consuming habits.

Understanding the shopping habit is very important for building one’s styles, which helps us to assess our shopping behaviours.

But don’t forgot, things trigger our behaviours are more important.

Yes, we need to think: WHY I BUY IT?

“Because I look sexy on that top.”, “Because they are on sale.” But are they the right answers?

Should it be “Because I want to show my sexy and that top helps me to show”?Or “Because I think the clothes is good-quality and they worth the sale price?”

So WHY I BUY IT is actually the attempt to answer:


Stylists, please take some times to think your behaviours and intentions. And feel free to tell me what you find about yourselves, then we can share!


BANG! I am very glad to announce: Congratulations! The moment we start to think these question, we are beginner stylists!

Looking forward to see you tomorrow! And don’t forget to leave your comments~


Lady Stylist










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