Hello there,

When you read this post,

I know you already started to explore yourself.

A brief introduction first.

My name is Lady Stylist,

An innovative stylist who possesses her own tastes to the fashion, brands and beauty.

If you are trying to discover your own styles,

I bet we will have great time 🙂

Well, some of you may want to know more about me,

Who I am, where I from or what I do,

Sorry my answer will be: does it matter?

After all, I am a human being, just like you.

We meet here to discover our individual styles,

Not follow each other’s, remember?

Today is the Halloween, also the founding day of SELFSTYLES!

SELFSTYLES was built as a place to explore and show.

Undoubtedly, it talks about trends, brands, beauty and body a lot.

But more focus will be

How to understand the elements in fashion,

The proud and ashamed points in our bodies,

And express things we want to show by building our styles.

Ok, I guess I will just leave more time for you guys to enjoy the night,

Happy Halloween!

See you tomorrow.

Lady Stylist


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